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Experience relaxation like never before! With these foot rest cushions for antigravity chairs, you'll be able to kick off your shoes and comfortably unwind in your zero gravity lounge chair after a long day exploring, hiking, driving, or setting up camp.

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Your Feet's New Comfort

Discover Unmatched Relaxation: Our footrest cushions for antigravity chairs let you kick off your shoes and unwind in your zero gravity lounge chair. Perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring, hiking, driving, or setting up camp, you'll experience comfort like never before.

Mother Nature Is No Match for Our Cushions

Cushions Stay on When You’re Not Lounging

Super Simple, Easy Breezy DIY Installation

  • Pure Comfort for Anyone with an Adventurous Spirit

    Our Zero Gravity Chair Cushions help soothe tired feet, reduce the pressure and pain on the heels/Achilles tendon, and help you get comfy in your chair after a long hike or drive, a day out foraging for food, or setting up camp. Our cushions allow you to kick back, relax, and soak in the sights and sounds.

  • Designed & Engineered with Your Comfort in Mind

    Because of the metal footrests, many zero gravity chairs are uncomfortable and even painful for some people to lounge on. That's why we designed these thick, spongy, ultra-comfortable cushions. They perfectly envelop metal bar footrests on standard and oversized zero gravity chairs.

  • Our Cushions Are Available in Various Sizes/Styles

    Choose from Standard (15.75” across and 3.15” diameter), Split Style (2x 8" across and 3.15” diameter), or Large (17.75” across and 3.15” diameter). Our Standard size will not cover the entire length of an oversized/XL chair; we recommend using our Split Style cushion.

  • Nature-Loving, Thrill-Seeking Husband & Wife Team

    We're an American-owned small family business with a big heart and an even bigger mission – make camping and RVing more enjoyable and relaxing for families across the US. Every product we bring to market is original and innovative, offers unparalleled comfort and quality, and is designed to serve a purpose.

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